Jamu Original is an Indonesian-owned located in Bali supplying 100% natural and herbal products focus on women’s health especially for vagina health care and sexual energies balancing. We offer few types of herbal products such as vaginal sticks, yoni steam, pristine crystal yoni eggs, pleasure wands and others herbal products to women all over the world.

Each woman has their own preferences for products or tools to take care of their sacredness body and soul. In here we provide all woman need. Believing that all women deserve the best possible tools and products for their inner healing and exploration of Self. This is our passion, joy, and we are so grateful to bring this gift to all women with ease and simplicity! We humbly thank everyone for reading this and supporting our vision.

We created Jamu Original company to share that amazing result of the herbal and natural products for femininity.
Our mission is to invoke a sense of sacredness into women’s self-pleasure practice and to awaken her eroticism, femininity, pleasure and thus, her power.

We do retails and wholesale for distributor wordwide. For further information contact us directly at info@jamuoriginal.com for any question, concern or support as your journey into the intimacy health care and your career.

May this journey brings you as much inner resilience and heart opening as it has brought me and many other countless women.