Bulus Oil

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Bulus Oil (Oleum Turfuce Javanica) original best quality which is processed by natural heating of sunlight and hygienic process for a month so that it keeps the original quality and packed into a hygienic bottle. It contains vitamin A, C and very high of vitamin E that is body need. Especially a lot of vitamin E is believed to maintain and care for your skin health. Bulus Oil is a natural oil without containing harmful chemicals. So, is very safe and harmless for use.

Bulus oil is approved that very beneficial for women, man, and kids as well. A study has seen a great benefit in the content of Bulus oil, effective for skin care, for vagina care, sex vitality, and many others benefits. Now Bulus Oil is widely used as a mixture of cosmetics and drugs. Now is the time for us to use it too. Use the original and 100% pure Bulus oil without mixture. Many in the market sell Bulus oil very cheap price but the quality is very poor.

There are few different methods of Bulus oil production that will affect the quality:

Sun-heated method
The manufacture of Bulus oil by this method is the best manufacturing buy the sun-heated method process in the production of original Bulus oil. Why is the best,? Well, this method is the inherited by the ancestors in producing the best quality oil. Because the process is done naturally by exploiting the blazing sunlight for approximately 1 month. The way of making it is very natural and take very long time. The price of this method production is more expensive than others method because this method will get the best quality of the oil. However, it does not mean that sun-dried oil has no weakness. The oil using this method has a stronger fishy smell, the stronger smell the better quality. So this smell indicates that Bulus oil is pure and the benefit is the best. Do not hesitate to use original Bulus oil with this method of sun-heated.

Oven method
Bulus oil with oven method is the easiest find in the market because the quicker process and easier. Why made the oven? The purpose of oven method for Bulus oil is to reduce the fishy smell. If you compare, the oil produced by oven method with the sun-heated method it has a less fishy smell, this type of Bulus oil is for people who can not stand the distinctive smell of Bulus. Then what about the quality,? You do not need to worry, this oven method oil still has powerful benefits because the fat content of Bulus oil not out by the oven method.

Fried and boiled method
The method of making Bulus oil by fried and boiled is the lowest quality among all. Why,? The process of frying and boiling a high heat will make the nutrients contained in the fat of Bulus oil will reduce. The Bulus oil produced by this method will sell cheaper in the market.
Therefore, always vigilant in choosing the pure Bulus oil. Make sure you choose Bulus oil produced by sun-heated or oven method, will be better quality and will get the best result of it.

Bulus Oil

Characteristics of pure Bulus oil

The original Bulus oil is that is easy to clot, if it keeps more than one week, the oil will clot and has a very strong fishy smell. Do not worry if you encounter the oil if clot, it signifies that your Bulus oil is original. The process of making false Bulus oil is by instant methods, such as fried or boiled.
Jamu Original offer only Bulus oil with the sun-heated method that warranty the best quality than others of production method.

Benefits of Bulus oil

Enlarge breasts
Bulus oil could stimulate cell growth in breasts to grow so bigger and firm.

Enlarge and lengthen the penis
Bulus oil will increase the blood flow to the penis then will make it harder and better erection.

Strengthen the vaginal muscles
Bulus oil will help to improve blood flow to the vagina.

Soften and tighten the skin
Remove stretch marks, scars (acne scars, wound).
Reduce acne, dark sport and reduce wrinkle on the face.
Treating various skin diseases such as itchy, ulcers, eczema, dryness on the heel etc.
Accelerate wound healing.

How to keep Bulus oil

Keep it in a clean place and out of reach of children. Put under sun-heat once a week.

How to use Bulus oil

Enlarger breast
Find the most comfortable position, you can lay on the bed, relax your body and mind then begin to do the ritual.

  1. Compress the breast with warm water and then apply Bulus oil around breast (avoid the nipple).
  2. Next, you can do massage on the breast around 5 – 10 minute.

Here some instruction for breast massages:

  • Use your index finger and thumb to press the breast. You can do a twist or a circular motion. Do the movement 7 times. The purpose of the circular motion is that to remove toxins in the breast gland can move away. So the blood flow in the breast will more smoothly.
  • Then place both hands at the base of the edge outside the breast. Wipe the breast using one palm on your nipple. While the palm of the other hand points to the front while pressing slowly. Do this for several times.
  • Then place both of your palm facing each other at the base of the edge outside the breast. Then wipe your breasts firmly on the areola area, but do not get to the nipple. Do the ritual once daily and you will see the result in 2 weeks.

Enlarger penis
Compress your penis with warm water or stay in a warm bath for around 10 minutes.
Apply Bulus oil around your penis, then messages slowly, started from the bottom of your penis going up to the edge. Do the massage around 10 – 15 minutes daily. The result you will see in 30 days.

Reduce a pimple
Clean your face as a daily routine.
Compress with warm water then apply the Bulus oil on the acne or full face and keep it for 15- 20 minutes or longer. The longer you keep the better result.
Treating various skin diseases such as itchy, ulcers, eczema, dryness on the heel etc.
Apply the Bulus oil on the affected area twice daily until the affected area gets better.


Do not drink only for external use.
Contain very high of vitamin E.
Without side effects, is made purely from the machinations of the original oil refining.


10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 l.