Jamu Stick Large

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Jamu Stick Large it is a stick with the same composition as Jamu Stick Original, but larger (about 0.5 cm diameter and 1 cm in length) and has pleasant smells with added jasmine.

Jamu Stick is a 100% natural product focused on vaginal health. Jamu Stick is an effective means in the fight against vaginal discharge, unpleasant odors which in most cases is associated with infections, vaginal relaxation due to aging, childbirth frequent sexual intercourse. Jamu Stick sensitizes, cleans and regenerates the vagina, has a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of the secretion. By removing the dead skin cells of the surface layers of the vaginal epithelial skin, Jamu Stick helps to regenerate and balancing the vaginal microflora while maintaining the balance of the substance (secretions) inside the vagina. Jamu Stick is known for its ability to tighten the vagina, strengthen vaginal muscles and increase libido, thanks to the unique composition and synergistic cooperation of selected herbal ingredients.

Jamu Stick is manufactured according to a secret recipe that is passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. The recipe consists of selected herbs, which can be found only on the pure islands in Indonesia. Women from these islands and all over Indonesia have used these “sticks” since the time immemorial and are still used to maintain intimate purity and love for their husbands. Take care of a husband is a very important life challenge for Indonesian women, and primarily involves a very carefully concern for sexuality as such, including proper intimate hygiene. A healthy, clean, firm, fragrant vagina is the key to a happy sexual life and a happy marriage. Jamu Stick is a unique part of Indonesian culture to which they belong maintaining female beauty, health, body, and soul.

Jamu Stick is made with respect to the intended use, therefore, it has a rounded shape approximately 12 cm length and 2.5 cm wide. Jamu Stick is handmade, its shape and size are therefore individual. Jamu stick is inserted into the vagina and it should remain in it for at least 30 seconds. This gives enough time for the herbs stimulating hormone balance and strengthens the flabby or insensitive vaginal muscles. Tightening of the vaginal wall increases sexual feelings, restore a sense of youth and vitality during intercourse. Tightening the vagina is noticeable immediately after the first use Jamu Stick and persists for several days. If you use the Jamu Stick every 3-4 days, the tightening is permanent. Also, when problems with vaginal discharge or odor Jamu Stick is effective immediately. After a very short time processing, Jamu Stick inside vagina all the “problems” literally glued to the surface of the stick. After removing the Jamu Stick from the vagina immediately will see and feel the difference. To completely eliminate problems and restore vaginal balance, it is necessary to use the Jamu Stick regularly.

The active ingredients of Jamu Stick is Manjakani, Betel leaf, Guazumae Folium, Champor, Parameriae Cortex, Gallae, White Pomegranate and Tongkat Ali.

Jamu Stick is an affordable, efficient, easy to use, safe and highly effective way to solve problems with a loose vagina, vaginal discharge, and odor.

More information and buy: jamustick.com