Manjakani Capsules

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Herbal capsules are supplement health especially for women that formulated with only natural original herbs without any dyes, preservatives, and mixtures of chemical substances. Herbal capsules are already registered in Indonesia’s health department. Guaranteed safe for consumption, which is only made from natural ingredients and proven that efficient to maintain women’s health.

Every single herbal capsule contain of 100% Manjakani extract. Manjakani (Quercus infectoria) is fruits has a round shape, a small tree species that grows in the region of Greece and Asia Minor, with a height of 4 to 6 feet. In Asia, Manjakani for centuries has been utilized as a herbal medicine and also herbal health supporting women health. Such as vaginal discharge, itchy in the vagina and others. Even the latest research says Manjakani improve the vaginal muscle elasticity.

Now in modern lifestyle most people want to take care of health in an instant way, do not have time to mix a herbal for their health. So we found solution this herbal capsules, you still can take herbal medicine during your busy day. By taking herbal capsules daily, you will get all benefits of Manjakani for your health. Especially for vagina health care.

Benefits of herbal capsules

Strengthen vagina muscle because Manjakani contains tannin.
Reduce vaginal discharge, itchy and unwanted odors.
Anti bacterial and fungus.
As a natural contraceptive.
Prevent breast cancer.

How to use herbal capsules

For medication two capsules daily one in the morning and one in the evening.
Preventing one capsule daily in the morning.

Best used for

Women who have menstruation issue, suffer with unwanted vaginal discharge, unwanted vaginal odors, and vaginal infection.
After giving birth.


Do not take herbal capsules during pregnancy.
Not suitable for women under 15 years old.
Do not recommended for breast feeding women.
Do not take a herbal capsules during menstruation.


30, 60, 100 capsuls / bottle or paper pouch bag.